Monday, April 9, 2012



Tony gathered his wits. Based on her self-important and vaguely archaic speech, he guessed that she might hail from the same place as Thor and his weird brother. Her threats involving magic were also a good indication.

“Look lady, I don’t know where you come from, but in the state of New York, you have to pay good money - sometimes a lot of good money - to own an apartment. This one belongs to me, so if anyone is leaving, it’s you. I’m sure, however, that an arrangement could be reached so we can both stay.”

Tony, smiling again, inched closer to the bed. This woman was gorgeous, but if his assumptions about her were correct, she was probably dangerous. Too dangerous for him without his suit, and without back up. He hoped he could use his famous Stark charm to get her out of the apartment, or at least distract her for long enough to access the spare suit he kept in a suitcase under the bed. It was an outdated model, he remembered regretfully, but he was glad to his own paranoia for placing it where he did.

“What do you say? In that bed, there’s plenty of room for two.”

She glared at him icily. A tough sell, but he’d convinced angrier women before. He took another step, still grinning, and prayed that she hadn’t moved the case.

“How DARE you! I am no concubine! And I refuse to leave this residence!” Amora said as she stood up from the bed. “And you will keep your distance from me mortal!” 

Amora was in no mood to deal with mortals this evening and she was not going to lose her new home. “I am Amora the Enchantress. You will show me respect!” She made sure to make a show of her power by having her eyes glow and emitting a misty glow around her hands.

Tony took note of the magic show, but guessed that for someone haughtily calling herself “the Enchantress” - which sounded to Tony like a Drag Queen - her bark could be worse than her bite. Still, he didn’t want to take any chances.

Tony put his hands up and tried to look as non-threatening as possible. Not that she seemed to be threatened by him anyway. “Look, okay, I’ll get out of your hair. You can have my apartment, I’ve got others. I just want to grab my suitcase that’s under the bed, okay?” He wondered if she knew what a suitcase was. “It’s just uh - a box with some clothes and stuff in it. I paid a lot for those suits, and I don’t think they’d flatter your figure very well, so I’ll just take them off your hands.” He dived under the bed and flailed his arms until they landed on something made of solid metal.

Thank God, he thought, then he felt himself being dragged back onto the open floor.